Shawn Hargreaves Resume

Areas of Expertise




Microsoft, 2005 to present

Dev lead for Direct3D.

Dev lead for PIX on Windows.

Dev lead for Win2D and Microsoft ANGLE team.

Dev lead for graphics on Windows Phone.

Responsible for graphics in XNA Game Studio 4.0, including API improvements and the new Windows Phone platform.

Added LIVE networking features to XNA Game Studio 2.0, 3.0, and XDK Extensions.

Designed and implemented the Content Pipeline for XNA Game Studio Express.

In addition to my product development work, I supported the XNA game developer community through blogging, conference presentations, developer support forums, and by writing many of the XNA samples. See for links.

Climax Brighton, 2000-2005

Team lead on Tomcat, the next-gen version of Climax's art toolchain.

Team lead on Project Avalon, a prototype for a next-gen squad based shooter and Climax's attempt to establish an original game IP.

Note to self: in future try to avoid being lead on more than one project at a time :-)

Lead programmer on MotoGP 2 (Xbox/PC). This won the Develop Industry Excellence award for Technology, and was chosen by Edge magazine (issue 128) as one of the top ten racing games of all time.

Lead programmer on MotoGP Online, an Xbox Live launch title developed in just seven weeks from start to beta. I designed the Live user interface, and implemented the high level networking components (session management, reliable packet layer, etc).

Lead programmer on MotoGP, an Xbox/PC motorbike racing game. I built the code team from scratch (none of the other programmers had worked on a commercial title before), and also wrote the rendering engine, toolchain, and sound.

Lead programmer on Climax's first Playstation 2 project. This was cancelled six months in, but became a useful starting point for other PS2 titles.

Designed and implemented a proprietary art toolchain (spline based racetrack lofting tool, 3D model editor, and texturing/lighting tools) which were used on all subsequent Climax Brighton games.

Probe Entertainment, 1996-2000

Programmer on the Nintendo 64 future racers Extreme G and XG2.

Two-Way TV, summer 1995

Developed content creation tools for a settop box platform.

ForeFront, summer 1993

Converted their wordprocessing engine into a VB custom control.


York University, 1993-1996

BA in music, class II-i.

Newcastle Under Lyme College, 1991-1993

A-levels in math, computing, music, and geography: all grade A.

Home Education, 1983-1990

Educated at home by my parents.

Allegro Library

From 1994 to 1998 I developed a popular open source library called Allegro, which provides crossplatform 2D graphics along with other game related functions. This has grown to include contributions from over 150 people, and at its height in the late 90's the mailing list was attracting hundreds of posts a day.

Although I'm no longer involved with Allegro development, it is still going strong: see

Other Interests

I am an amateur musician, composer, and studio engineer. I play guitar, keyboards, various percussion instruments, and fill my spare room with far too many bits of recording equipment!

I also enjoy hiking, gardening, and home brewing.

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