Extreme G

My first commercial game! Futuristic Nintendo 64 racing along the lines of Wipeout on the PSX, released late in 1997. See also XG2.

Video Games (Germany)91%"Video Game Classic" Award
MegaFun (Germany)90%"Gold Game" Award
N-Zone (Germany)90%"N-Zone Hit" Award
Next Level (Germany)90%Game of the Month
FunGeneration (Germany)10/10Game of the Month
Maniac (Germany)87%"It's a Maniac" Award
N64 Pro (UK)91%"The best racing game on the N64 so far"
Total 64 (UK)94%"Hold on to your helmets for the ride of your life"
N64 Magazine (UK)91%"The definitive N64 racing game"
Gamesmaster (UK)91%---
64 Extreme (UK)94%---
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