The sequel to Extreme-G. More futuristic N64 racing, but of course everything is much better this time around. Released November 1998.

This has also been ported to the PC, but I didn't work on that myself. The PC version is pretty much a straight conversion of the Nintendo code, emulating the N64 graphics hardware, and requires a decent 3d card.

Total 64 (UK)93%"Reeks of quality"
"Never before has a racing game on the N64 looked this good"
Gamer's Republic (US)A"One of the best N64 racers in a banner year for the genre"
GamePro (US)4.5"A fantastic experience for N64 racing fans!"
"Ambient cinema quality lighting and brilliant explosions fill the screen beautifully"
Nintendo magazine (France)93%"Plus rapide, plus fun et plus jouable. Une reussite splendide!"
Consoles + (France)91%"La N64 avait bien besoin d'un tel jeu pour redorer son blason"
Consoles News (France)89%"Son animation, sa richesse et sa duree de vie font du dernier titre d'Acclaim l'un des meilleurs softs sur Nintendo 64"
Playmag (France)14/20"Extreme G2 explose litteralement F-Zero"
Mega Fun (Germany)91%"Gold Game" Award
N-Zone (Germany)88%"N-Zone Hit" Award
Video Games (Germany)86%"Video Game Classic" Award
Fun Generation (Germany)9/10---
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